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We work with our clients to provide creative solutions from the initial planning phases to future development strategies. Our clients range from start-ups to global cannabis companies seeking to scale to emerging markets and stay up-to-date with industry trends.


Our clients include global cannabis companies and entrepreneurs seeking to scale to emerging markets and stay up-to-date with current industry trends. Global Cannect facilitates innovative business relationships, collaborative partnerships and dynamic education platforms across the global cannabis market. Global Cannect’s ability to identify and streamline symbiotic business relationships and solutions across the global cannabis industry offers companies of any size the ability to grow and scale worldwide while differentiating our company from currently established cannabis consulting firms.

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Understanding and investing in the correct technology to scale your company is critical in every stage of business. Whether you are in need of a new clickfunnel, website, or full enterprise platform; we have the resources that can get you there! No matter the size of the project, we will manage the project end to end so you can focus on what’s important- YOUR BUSINESS. We have developed a multifaceted approach with both offshore and US based teams to help fit any budget, and tackle any project.

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We host monthly curated events tailored heavily around building communities, networks, and knowledge. We host everything from job fairs, to CBD expos, to our Executive Leadership Series in downtown Washington, D.C. (among many more).

Collaborating with us as a sponsor, speaker, or attendee at one of our events such as Business Buds presents a great opportunity for you to impact local entrepreneurs and cannabis enthusiasts. We help to increase your brand visibility in the professional and local community. Through our specially curated events, we give your company a new outlet to get a leg up on your competition in emerging markets.

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Plant Touching Services

We have identified and partnered with industry leading experts in cultivation, distribution, extraction, packaging, compliance, and marketing. We work with our clients to understand their challenges across all cultivation climates and work with them to help develop custom solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. Whether you need mocks for your ground up build, an all- in-one automated solution to provide consistent results, or help as to why you are not achieving high yields, we have the resource to assist you. We have experience consulting across the full industry vertical. We work in all regulated Cannabis, Hemp and CBD markets.
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We strive to be an educational resource for someone at any level of the cannabis industry. Whether you are someone who has never tried the plant before, or someone who is trying to learn the next best extraction method, we have partnered and developed educational resources to span the entire industry. In the age of technology and the rise of the internet, it is important that people can sift through the abundance of information to find accurate and relevant information. We have developed 10+ educational websites with plans to deploy 50-75 more in niche areas such as TeachingHemp, TeachingTerpenes, CannabisJobs.Training, TeachingCBD, etc.

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We do our part. Global Cannect is dedicated to helping progress the legalization of cannabis. We actively participate in both physical and digital campaigns to help progress cannabis education and knowledge, and fight the “stoner stigma”. Check out our National Cannabis Impact campaign which has received over 1000 user generated stories we collected through Instagram about how cannabis helps people live a more “normal” life. From volunteer events, to online petitions and social media campaigns, we are dedicated to helping do our part. Please do not hesitate to reach out for any type of impact campaign where we can help show our support.

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We understand the cannabis industry is poised for explosive growht in the job market. We also understand that almost all relevant skills outside of the cannabis industry are translatable to some job (with training) inside the industry. Thus, we have developed a new way for people to find, source, and apply for jobs in the Cannabis industry. By focusing on the skills people currently have, and how people’s current skills transition into relevant positions in the industry- we help professionals find their place in this rapidly growing market. We have also developed a set of training tools to help people transition, and gain the real skills they need. Have an open position? Contact us to be loaded into our database of Cannabis Jobs and Careers!

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With over 50+ combined years in the highly regulated financial sector, we are positioned to help guide you through the complex risk and regulatory landscape of the cannabis industry. We act as a buffer between you & financial institutions/investors. Whether you are a company looking to raise funds, a private equity fund looking to enter the space through investments or M/A, or an accredited investor looking to deploy capital into the industry- we have the deal flow & resources to help you get started. We try our best to look at every deal and pass qualified investment opportunities to our private group of investors. We look at deals across the entire industry for both plant touching and ancillary businesses.

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