12 best 420 business Ideas You Should Know About

420 business Ideas

The cannabis industry is moving quickly into the mainstream. As we see more and more states legalizing the plant for adult-use and medicinal use, there has never been a more perfect time to get into the cannabis industry. With that, everyone seems to be working to cash in on the green rush. From opening dispensaries to growing the plant, or operating another cannabis-related service, there are many ways to get in on the action. Here are 12 of the best 420 business ideas you should know about.

Create a Smoking Accessory

Ever been somewhere with weed but no pipe? We believe every stoner has MacGyvered together a cannabis consumption device at some point or another in their toking journey. Get creative and make a product that the masses will love. It’s easier than ever to sell a new product online with Etsy and eBay services available to all. So, next time you make a new pipe or are enjoying a bowl make sure to think about how the experience could be better. Tjen, share it with the world! You could have the next big thing!

420 Friendly Airbnb

Travelers love consuming cannabis while on vacation but since many hotels restrict cannabis consumption this can be a challenge for tourists in legal cannabis markets. Luckily, technology can solve this problem as an Airbnb with a 420 friendly environment is perfect for cannabis tourists. You can start one and meet traveling stoners as well as make a decent profit from hosting a 420 friendly Airbnb. Plus it would be a ton of fun to meet and toke with some new friends! After all, cannabis does bring people together.

Cannabis Meetup

Find others with interest similar to yours with a Meetup in your local area. This can be a great way to meet fellow cannabis consumers. Furthermore, there are ways to turn this into a business as well. A meetup can be monetized on the backend through sponsorships from local restaurants or cannabis businesses. You also can charge guests to attend to generate revenue. Also, it’s a great way to meet others in the cannabis industry and form a stronger network of professionals who share in the same interest as you.

Cannabis Tours

Again with regards to the tourists, nothing better than sharing the inner workings of the cannabis industry to those who are new to space. Taking tourists on tours is a fantastic idea. Even longtime cannabis consumers find nostalgia in visiting a cannabis grow. Talk to local growers and see if you can organize something. Then it’s a simple matter of marketing the service to tourist and you’re off to making your share of the green rush.

Puff, Puff, Paint

Art and cannabis go together as much as crackers and cheese! With this in mind, it’s fairly easy to start a puff, puff, paint class with your fellow artistic stoners and you can quickly make a little side cash. This can be a fun way to meet fellow cannabis artists as well and build out your network of 420 friendly folks. Do not just stop with painting classes either, stoners really do have a thing for all types of art.

Cannabis Security

All cash businesses in the cannabis sector require higher levels of security than other similar companies may require. This creates a great opportunity to provide cannabis security solutions for 420 friendly businesses. Team up with someone who specializes in technology and you could quickly create a full-service cannabis security company. The industry requires many technology systems to implement the heavy regulations which cannabis businesses are subject to.

Cannabis Technology

The ganja industry has a huge need for technology services. From mobile apps to software-based tracking systems, the need for technologists is as big in cannabis as in any industry. Take your tech skills into your favorite industry and it will surely give you an edge above the herd looking to get into the cannabis sector. There are many entrepreneurial avenues to take with technology too. This is true, especially for the cannabis industry since it is still a nascent space, the sector needs the foundation of technology established industries already have.

Delivery Service

Cannabis, just like pizza has to be delivered to consumers unable to make it to the store or simply want the convenience offered with delivery. While this is dependent upon local regulations as delivery of cannabis is not allowed in many legal cannabis markets. Nonetheless, there are a host of delivery companies one can work for. It can be a great way to earn side cash while enjoying fellow cannabis consumers in your work.

Hemp Products

Products in the hemp sector are great for those looking to start a company in the cannabis industry. Foods, cosmetics, pet goods, and many other products can be created with processed hemp. There are millions of different consumer products which can be made and sold to the masses, all based on hemp fiber, seeds, and other aspects of the plentiful hemp plant.

Review Cannabis Goods

Every toker enjoys a good smoke sesh, which is only better when the product is provided for by someone else for you to review it! Cannabis reviews provide an important job for other consumers too, especially for shoppers in a competitive cannabis market. There can be a ton of opportunities if you build out a review channel or page online and have a large enough of an audience viewing your reviews.

Professional Services in Cannabis

The cannabis industry needs professional services such as lawyers, accountants, and others. This is a huge part of the cannabis industry which will be required for it to operate as a legitimate industry. So, even if you are not a cannabis retail specialists or more grower oriented, then you can still enter the exciting cannabis industry with skills you’ve been using for years.

Operate a Licensed Business

Finally, perhaps most challenging on the list to start in terms of expenses and labor required is to operate an actual cannabis business such as a dispensary, grower, or processor. States have different regulations on how to start a licensed cannabis business. In general, it can be on par with opening a brewery or pharmacy, perhaps somewhere between the two. This can be a bit expensive and time intensive but with a proper business plan and the right mindset, it’s more attainable than ever before.

All and all, there are a ton of ways in which you can join in in the green rush and enter the cannabis industry. Make sure you find a niche in which you are fulfilling your skills and it should be a surefire win. With that in mind, remember it’s a nascent industry and still has a long way to go before it’s a fully mature industry. Further, state regulations play a huge part in the available types of work for would-be cannabis workers. No matter where you live, we’re confident the cannabis industry is here to stay and that means the opportunities will only grow as time goes on.

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