Global Cannect was founded to unite and cannect businesses and professionals across the global cannabis community. While the cannabis consulting market is already becoming oversaturated in parts of the U.S., there is a dire need for innovative and strategic business solutions in the global cannabis market.
Global Cannect serves the rapidly developing global cannabis industry by providing end-to-end consulting and product solutions for the medical, recreational, and low-THC regulated cannabis markets internationally. We cannect individuals and brands through our global education and networking platforms, while our industry specific advisory services are built to meet the needs of new and emerging companies in regulated cannabis markets across the globe. With a wealth of experience advising companies in heavily regulated markets, our services span all phases of operations from licensing and construction to cultivation, processing and dispensing. With a growing portfolio of branded products and affiliates Global Cannect offers a unique opportunity for domestic and local cannabis entrepreneurs to make a global impact.

The Global Cannect Platform


Our clients include global cannabis companies and entrepreneurs seeking to scale to emerging markets and stay up-to-date with current industry trends. Global Cannect facilitates innovative business relationships, collaborative partnerships and dynamic education platforms across the global cannabis market. Global Cannect’s ability to identify and streamline symbiotic business relationships and solutions across the global cannabis industry offers companies of any size the ability to grow and scale worldwide while differentiating our company from currently established cannabis consulting firms.

Product/Service Summary

Global Cannect works with clients to provide creative solutions from the initial planning phases to future development strategies. Global Cannect focuses on three primary components to offer a full range of business services through the Global Cannect Platform.

Global Education/ Networking Platform

GrowForFree.com: Free Online Learning Platform for Growing and Cultivation Techniques (3 National Sponsors)
Educational Expos and Events
Tailored Networking Events to Cannect Professionals and Companies and Offer Opportunities for Collaboration
Partnership with Professional Educational Resources
Host Job Fairs to Cannect Clients with Qualified Candidates

Global Cannsulting

Business Planning and Development
Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Services
Operational Planning and Development
Focus on Global Import/ Export Strategies and Relationships
Distribution Partnerships
Wholesale Partnerships
Global Innovative Expos/ Conferences
Global Brand Ambassador

Global Market Research

Collect and Analyze Market Data
Provide Professional Cannabis Industry Reports
Identify Top Cannabis Companies in Niche Global Markets
Uncover Emerging Cannabis Companies / Startups
Develop Due Diligence Reports and Market Scan Reports for Investment Professionals


Lack of knowledge from market players on the impact of global import/ export laws and how to penetrate foreign markets
Need for consistent knowledge and education within all areas of the global cannabis industry (Growing, cultivating, extraction, etc.)
Absence of professional, customized investment resources for international cannabis markets and absence of professional customized investment resources
Lack of resources to operate on an international scale
Need for a concise, up-to-date knowledge base on the ever changing state of global cannabis laws and regulations
Companies operating in the cannabis industry often lack the professional and legal skills necessary for growth
Established companies in other markets lack knowledge of local business and cannabis culture
Cannabis expos are often to costly for emerging companies or qualified individuals to afford and most do not operate on a global scale


Provide consulting services to companies looking to scale to new international markets with key insights on global distribution
Develop a global education platform tailored to fit the needs of a vertically integrated cannabis company
Develop relationships with the key industry leaders to cannect companies through engaging real-world opportunities and form collaborative, strategic partnerships
Identify cutting edge, and emerging cannabis companies and provide professional targeted due diligence and market scan industry reports
Provide a one-stop shop for all legal and regulatory issues affecting the global cannabis market
Work strategically to ensure any and all necessary operational licenses for clients
Provide tailored networking events to cannect cannabis entrepreneurs and offer data, insight, and resources pertaining to specific sectors in a collaborative environment

Founding Team

Global Cannect was founded by a team of professionals passionate about the emerging cannabis industry. Combined we have over a decade of experience in the top consulting and legal firms in the country. As entrepreneurs we have started successful cannabis ventures, and continue to market and manage hundreds of cannabis brands with an expanding network of cannabis industry leaders.


John Harkins

CJ Meyer - Managing Partner

Charles Meyer

Managing Partner
Michelle Harris - Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle Harris

Chief Marketing Officer

Marc Swearengin

Chief Operations Officer
Nate Nieto - Cultivation Lead

Nate Nieto

Cultivation Partner
Nick Perrino

Nicholas Perrino

Cultivation Partner
David Meyer - Legal Advisor

David Meyer

Legal Advisor

Syed Muneeb

Tech Specialist