Digital Strategy vs. Digital Campaign

Navigating the digital landscape when it comes to your marketing efforts can be an overwhelming endeavor. There is no shortage of so called experts claiming to have the “one thing” that will elevate your brand. “SEO is all you should focus on”. “Content marketing will get you all the leads you need”,” Social Media is all you need to focus on”

And Right.

No one thing will move your business forward, at least not enough to create consistent revenue. It is a combination of digital marketing interactions that will get you the results you are looking for.

Your Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is how your business in planning to use technology and digital channels to create demand for your product and services. The digital strategy would be the high level areas that your business is going to focus on and how the will interact with each other.

It defines how you will engage potential customers through the various stages of purchasing:

  • Awareness
  • Trust
  • Intimacy
  • Conversion

All of your tactics and channels need to intersect with each other in order to maximize impact. But it does not mean you have to engage in every available digital experience/tactic. Your strategy should be thoughtful so that you can properly engage customers in the areas you will put resources towards.

Digital Campaigns

A digital campaign is a defined strategic initiative that employs tactics within your digital strategy to drive specific results.

For example, your Black Friday Campaign may include the following that are all interconnected:

  • A content strategy that starts months before and puts appropriate content on your site.
  • An email campaign targeting previous customers
  • An email campaign to cold traffic
  • Landing pages
  • Social Media Posts and Engagement
  • SMS Campaign
  • Influencer Interaction
  • Affiliate Engagement

All of them would have a consistent messaging strategy that ultimately will drive to sales. A digital campaign is driven by metrics that are both measurable and trackable.

If you are looking for help on defining your digital strategy and executing your digital campaigns, contact GCA today.