9 surprising benefits of smoking Marijuana

benefits of smoking marijuana

The cannabis plant is more intricate than popular compounds such as THC, that get you high or CBD which is naturally holistic. In fact, the cannabis plant is stacked with hundreds of different compounds which include cannabinoids, terpenes, plantnoids, and others. Today we know of over 550 different types of compounds which appear naturally in the cannabis plant. Nearly half a decade after the first state legalized adult-use of cannabis, research teams are just now beginning to research how the plant and the many components in cannabis can help with other medical conditions. With this in mind, there are quite a few ailments which are aided or completely relieved through the consumption of cannabis. These ailments can be surprising too! Unlike treating traditional medical conditions such as relieving pain or assisting with sleep which cannabis is more commonly known for, there are new studies coming out that suggest cannabis can help with illnesses such as asthma or PTSD.

As we study the cannabis plant further and the effects it can have on consumers, we are discovering a host of ailments which are not commonly thought of as associated with cannabis consumption. This is exciting news for advocates of the legalization and medical use of the cannabis plant. Despite the schedule 1 federal regulations currently in place on the plant as having no medical value, we continue to learn more about the medicinal applications of the plant. Interesting trends are starting to emerge too. These include weight control and assisting with asthma symptoms becoming two unexpected effects we have learned cannabis consumption can assist with. The health benefits of cannabis are many. With that in mind, we will dive into the 9 more obscure ailments which can benefit from cannabis consumpion. Quickly before diving into these medical ailments, remember it is always best to talk to your local doctor prior to trying a new type of medication. With that in mind, let us dive right in!

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1. Assist with Asthma

The cannabis plant has been known to help with a variety of ailments but something that is commonly seen as smoked does not come to mind when thinking of an asthma solution. Yet, cannabis helps increase the efficiency of our lungs through a dilation of our airways. In common terms, the cannabis plant can open our airways up to allow for more air and less side effects from asthma. This can help those fighting asthma find relief but should be taken with a grain of salt depending upon the consumption method used. Naturally, anyone with asthma should not consume any type of smoke. Nonetheless, today we have a ton of options ranging from vaporizing cannabis to edibles which could help provide asthma patients with the relieve they need without the side effects of smoking.

2. Slow Cancer Cell Growth

Another ailment which is not readily thought of with cannabis consumption, although it has been suggested by some for much time now is cancer. Pioneers of cannabis and cancer include the famous Rick Simpson who helped create the now famous RSO product, an oil derivative of cannabis which he claims to have cured him and others of cancer. While there are many different ancedentoal results that suggest cannabis may be beneficial for cancer patients, the studies backed by science simply have not been conclusive. Trusted organizations such as the American Cancer Society openly announces that they support research into the topic of cannabis and cancer. While the jury is still out on this one, the American Cancer Society does note that there are other benefits to cannabis consumption for folks fighting cancer. This includes reduction of nausea and assistance with the appetite control.

3. Treat Glaucoma

One of the more popular ailments allowed into medical marijuana programs and lands on the list here is glaucoma. This particular ailment has been treated throughout many different state implemented medical marijuana programs. The ironic part, and main reason this particular ailment made the list though is because the very nature of the cannabis plant often gives users stereotypical red eyes. This is due to the relaxation of the eye muscles and also happens to be the main reason glaucoma patients tend to use cannabis for relief. So, next time you enjoy some cannabis and get a little red in the eyes, remember that is someone else’s medicine and you are experience the effects!

4. Parkinson’s Tremors

Another wonderful aspect of the cannabis plant is its ability to assist our nervous system. Patients that suffer from tremors or muscle spasms often report relief from cannabis consumption. This may be due to the plants overall relaxing nature which many users can easily experience through consumption of a heavy indica strain with a powerful body high. For parkinson’s patients, the relieve from their tremors can do a great deal to assist with their living conditions. Furthermore, a reduction in the tremors also can help patients find more peace of mind despite their troubled state. This is another example of the health benefits of cannabis.

5. Help with Hepatitis C

Not as often thought of when considering cannabis, Hepatitis C patients benefit a great deal from the cannabis plant. The overall application here is within the patient’s liver which can be protected through the consumption of cannabis, according to some studies. While the National Center for Biotechnology Information has released studies to deter patients away from utilizing cannabis, the research really needs to be completed further on this point. The scientific community simply does not agree on the potential for cannabis to assist with Hepatitis C, yet patients do report relieve from the side effects of the ailment when consuming cannabis.

6. Arthritis Symptoms

Another aspect in which cannabis can be extremely beneficial is to our bones and joints. CBD, as noted above, is a common and naturally-occurring compound in cannabis has been known to help with bone growth. With that in mind, many patients who are older may not want the high associated with cannabis but luckily can still benefit from the plant’s therapeutic nature. With products such as cannabis infused lotions and creams available now, which have become extremely popular in the marketplace perhaps due to the fact that they provide a user with relief from their arthritis and keep them well functioning because they do not get the user stoned.

7. Reduce PTSD effects

This particular ailment may seem as common sense to be treated with cannabis since the plant is often associated with a peaceful nature. Despite this, many medical marijuana programs across the country have just recently started to accept PTSD as a qualifying condition to access medical marijuana. An exciting addition to many medical marijuana programs over the last few years, PTSD affects over 13 million people in America alone. This particular ailment can be treated with cannabis consumption, depending upon the patient. This is exciting news which has even been supported by Veteran organizations. While the federal government still has much action to take on this point, it is exciting to see progress from interest groups to support veterans rights to find relief from their PTSD.

8. Keeps you Thin

Despite the stereotypical case of cannabis giving you the munchies, it actually can help regulate your appetite to help keep you thin! This exciting applications certainly will not be the end all for those looking to lose weight, as a healthy diet and exercise will always be key components to good health- it is relief for those cannabis consumers who fear gaining weight because of the munchies. Managing your weight with cannabis can seem as a counterproductive point but the plant has a natural way to keep your metabolism going. This in turn helps you process your food better and then it is simply a matter of having some discipline to eat healthy snacks if you do indeed get a case of the munchies. Fun fact on that point, there are some strains of cannabis which are known to not have the munchies effect on people. Learn more about this in the Terpene blog overview we covered recently. An ironic but fun health benefits of cannabis

9. Anxiety Reduction

Wrapping up the end of our list comes anxiety. We put this particular ailment at the end because cannabis has mixed results depending on the individual. For example, cannabis has been known to cause anxiety for some people and in some situations. Yet, for many other patients, cannabis has been nothing but relief for their anxiety. Because cannabis can help slow down a racing mind, it can be perfect to assist with anxiety. As mentioned, each person will have their own relationship with not only anxiety but also cannabis. Heavy consumers may find this as more of a relief than someone who is new to cannabis consumption since the effect can be quite psychoactive to start. All and all, start slow if you are looking to treat anxiety with cannabis consumption and always remember to consult your local doctor before doing so.

In closing, we still have much research to be conducted regarding the health benefits of cannabis. While there are a ton of conditions in which we know cannabis can be beneficial for, there are certainly more to be uncovered as we start to repeal prohibition of the plant. We still have had very little research done with modern technology to understand how cannabis can help a patient. With this in mind, as the veil of prohibition is lifted, we out expecting to see a whole new process for medical marijuana research to begin.

  • I find it great that you mentioned that those who ingest cannabis can help a person keep their metabolism alive, thus regulating one’s appetite to keep a person thin. Reading about this made me consider inviting my sister to a dispensary this weekend. That way, we can register to use it responsibly and help us lose enough weight to look good at our friend’s wedding next month.

  • I do agree with you about asking medical advice from a doctor before opting for smoking marijuana to keep one’s anxiety levels low. Learning about this convinced me to help my friend keep her emotions at bay. Aside from that, I will also find a dispensary so that she can have a constant supply after we get her psychologist’s approval.

  • It’s actually interesting to know that marijuana can assist with asthma and help the lungs improve. If it can help reduce my mother’s anxiety due to her asthma, I will find a doctor for her who can prescribe some marijuana for her. Hopefully, she can also to stop her Parkinson’s tremors so she can eat normally again.

  • Wow, it’s interesting how marijuana helps with asthma when it increases lung’s efficiency. My friend has been suffering from asthma since she was in grade school, ad she was advised to try smoking marijuana. She is not a fan of drugs so the didn’t follow that advise. I’ll tell her this one later.

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