30 Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

The medical marijuana industry has exploded across the country over the last couple of decades. In 2018, there are more than 30 states with approved medical marijuana programs across the United States and more expected to join the medical marijuana marketplace soon. This can be greatly accredited to the effective nature of the cannabis plant for treating a host of illnesses and ailments. Despite there being little research on the cannabis plant due to the federal prohibition, we still know about dozens of ways in which cannabis can act as a medicine. Today we’ll dive into 30 different medical benefits of the cannabis plant.

1. Cancer

One of the scariest types of diseases an individual can get is cancer. There has been some speculation that cannabis can help cure certain types of cancer with individuals like Rick Simpson promoting this type of medicinal use for the cannabis plant. Furthermore, the cannabis plant often assists patients dealing with harsh treatments such as chemotherapy, as cannabis can act as a pain reliever and appetite stimulant.

2. Heals Broken Bones Faster

Recent studies from scientist have started to suggest that a common cannabinoid found naturally in the cannabis plant may be responsible for faster and stronger bone growth after a bone breaks. The report suggests that CBD, a common cannabinoid, can help promote a bone’s healing and development better than it would normally. Furthermore, the compound CBD may even help patients suffering from a broken bone heal faster.

3. Potential Addiction Relief

This point can be somewhat counter-intuitive but new studies are suggesting that cannabis can even help with treating severe drug addiction. With an opioid epidemic sweeping across the United States, cannabis may actually assist with solving this huge problem. This approach to addiction should be seen as a progression in the right direction more so than a perfected method. Perhaps cannabis will become a future alternative for those looking to break addictive behaviors with harsher and more dangerous substances.

4. Assist with Muscle Spasms

There have been a few exciting publications which suggest the consumption of cannabis has led to patients experiencing fewer and less severe muscle spasms. Further, with over 2.5 million people across the world suffering from some form of muscle spasms, the relief provided for by cannabis consumption should be seen as a very positive trend.

5. Enhance Skin Conditions

Today with legally operating medical cannabis enterprises emerging quickly, we’re starting to see a whole new way to treat patients ailments. One interesting use case of cannabis comes in an unexpected form- lotions, and oils. Many advertise lotions or oils with cannabis for people suffering from skin conditions such as Eczema or Psoriasis. Even simply acne can show a reduction in patients if the use of cannabis-based skin products are applied.

6. Help with Crohn’s Disease

One of the more common ailments in which cannabis consumption can assist with is Crohn’s disease. This is a common illness in which many state medical marijuana programs recognize as a necessary condition to access the regulated medical marijuana markets. The National Center for Biotechnology Information even recognizes the potential with Crohn’s Disease and cannabis use.

7. Help Prevent Incontinence

A new study from 2015 suggests that cannabigerol (CBG), a less common cannabinoid naturally found within the cannabis plant may help patients suffering from incontinence. Studies suggest that the CBG cannabinoid may help reduce the bladder contractility and thus improve conditions for those suffering from urinary incontinence.

8. Eliminates Pain / Inflammation

Cannabis has become well known for its pain-relieving effects, much of which can be attributed to the anti-inflammatory nature of the plant. Inflammation is the source of many different types of physical pain. This may be the reason cannabis helps with ailments such as arthritis and acts as a powerful pain reliever for many others.

9. Help Reduce Glaucoma Pain

Glaucoma is another common medical ailment in which cannabis can greatly assist the patient with a better and easier life despite their disease. The effects of cannabis are said to help patients find relief from the heavy pressure in their eyes, a common symptom of glaucoma.

10. Multiple Sclerosis Relief

Multiple sclerosis is another horrible disease in which cannabis can help patients find relief in their symptoms. Although more research is certainly needed to fully understand a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis and how cannabis usage benefits the patient. One thing is certain though, many patients with this disease report relief through the consumption of medical marijuana.

11. Help Prevent Seizures

A very heartwarming story emerged at the onset of legalization about a young girl named Charlotte. Her use of CBD, cultivated from a non-psychoactive version of the cannabis plant stopped her from having a hundred or more seizures a day. The company behind the oil, Charlotte’s web produced CBD oil from their hemp. Today, they advocate for the many other medical application the versatile cannabis plant can have.

12. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Many people across the world suffer from this mental illness, which can be caused by extremely traumatic experiences. PTSD can have a host of symptoms for patients suffering from this disorder, such as pain attacks or other worse aspects. Cannabis has been widely accepted to help with those suffering from PTSD and hopefully as the prohibition of cannabis comes to an end we can learn with more certainty the exact effects cannabis can have on PTSD.

13. Help Treat Nausea

Nausea is one of the main reasons cancer patients will start to consume cannabis for relief, among a few others. Nausea attacks though can have a particularly strong impact on patients well being. With this in mind, cannabis has widely been credited with assisting those suffering from nausea.

14. Sleep Aid

The cannabis plant has been known to act as a powerful sleep aid, with regards to cannabinol (CBN), another cannabinoid naturally found in the plant, which acts as a great sleep aid for people. This solution may not be for everyone as the scientific research still needs to be completed but for some patients cannabis and sleep aid go hand in hand.

15. Anxiety

An interesting topic when it comes to treating anxiety with cannabis consumption as it can have a positive or negative impact on the patient. Each patient seems to be different in this particular case. Certainly, more research is needed to truly understand the relationship cannabis consumption can have with a patient suffering from anxiety.

16. Depression

Another mental illness in which cannabis may help or exacerbate the ailment. Hopefully, we will know more as legalization continues spreading around the world and research is completed by professionals regarding treating depression with cannabis.

17. Increase and Regulate Appetite

Cannabis has become famous in pop culture for a particular effect known as the munchies. With that, cannabis can actually help regulate your appetite to become healthier regardless if that means causing more of an appetite or decreasing it.

18. ALS

Another horrible ailment in which cannabis could assist patients to enjoy a better standard of living is ALS. This disease became very popular a few short years ago with the ALS challenge. With that, cannabis has also been recently researched to show it may help ALS patients find relief.

19. Hypertension

Hypertension, also more commonly known as high blood pressure, may indeed be assisted through cannabis consumption. Studies suggest regular cannabis use may help with high blood pressure, adding to the many potential medical benefits we can garnish from the cannabis plant.

20. HIV

A study is to be conducted with 400 medical marijuana patients suffering from HIV. While the jury is still out on this specific research, many people with HIV have reported relief from cannabis consumption.

21. Hepatitis C

This is another disease in which cannabis may help patients to deal with a treatment which can be unpleasant. If consuming cannabis can help a patient with Hepatitis C endure the normal medical treatment for the disease, this should be seen as a step in the right direction.

22. Tourette’s Syndrome

There have been several anecdotal examples of cannabis consumption in assisting patients with Tourette’s syndrome. There are reports that cannabis consumption may help with not only Tourette’s tics but also with overall behavior problems.

23. Diabetes

There have been a host of different aspects of diabetes discovered in which cannabis may help patients better manage the disease. For example, the plant can help patients regulate their appetite. It also can help patients with insulin sensitivity and pancreatic cell function, two key symptoms diabetes can cause.

24. Cerebral Palsy

A 2011 study suggested that patients with cerebral palsy found the most pain relief from the consumption of cannabis over other options. The study asked dozens of patients suffering from the disease and shows positive signs that cannabis can help them find relief.

25. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder, which is can be extremely debilitating for patients. There have been many anecdotal examples of this pain being relieved with cannabis consumption. Although not all doctors agree and while it also may not work for everyone, it’s hard to argue with a patient who says the pain is gone.

26. PMS

A common ailment for half the world’s population, cannabis has been found to provide a woman with relief during this uncomfortable time of the month. This is so much so, there are companies making cannabis-infused suppositories to assist with woman’s PMS trouble.

27. Osteoporosis

As discussed earlier, cannabis can help promote stronger and healthier bone growth. With that in mind, it is no wonder it can also assist with the side effects of osteoporosis. Perhaps even with the disease in and of itself but again more research is needed into the subject.

28. Huntington’s Disease

More research needs to be done on how the endocannabinoid system, naturally found in everyone’s body, affects the Huntington disease. As we learn more, there is potential for cannabis or a natural derivative of the plant to assist those with Huntington’s disease.

29. Dystonia

This muscle disorder can essentially cause muscle spasms in patients. There is a potential for relief to be found with cannabis consumption, especially with Tourette style tics being better controlled.

30. Perhaps More Ailments

The world still needs to have a chance to research the cannabis plant with modern technology. As prohibition starts to come to an end, research is beginning but it still has a long way to go. Hopefully, we discover more exciting medical uses for the versatile cannabis plant. A great reason we personally support the emerging cannabis industry, encourage providing the resources needed for the industry to expand, and hope it can reach its fullest potential.

  • I agree ah there speculation or even testimonies that cannabis can heal cancer. My best friend’s mother has stage 1 cancer, and she is trying to use CBD oil and other CBD products as a cure. My best friend is now looking for dispensaries in town who have other variety of cannabis products.

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